Work Process time: When we are Online Starts within 1-12 hours. Extremely Fast Delivery, Overall all orders Completed within 24 Hours!

What we will Provide you for this Gig: We will do 8,000 Twitter followers to your profile or 2000 Re-tweets or 2000 Fav. within next 24 hours from order time.

Minimum and Maximum Split within Profiles or Pictures: Minimum 1000 Followers per twitter account and Minimum 100 re-tweets or fav. per tweet link.You will get Maximum brand exposure!

Followers or Likes Accounts Quality: Followers account will have mix profile image or non images and some images posted on each account. which will make them look real but they are Not REAL just only Real Looking.

Our Requirements for Buyers to make complete their task: We don't need your password so it is safe for you, just send me your profile link. Make sure your profile is public.

Important Notice : This is a important notice for all Twitter clients that All of our Orders Will Start Instantly If we are Online.Otherwisethey need to complete In 24 Hours.We Can't Give Any Stability Guarantee for Followers or likes After Twitter Updates. Or, If Followers Drop In Future We Can't issue Any Replacement Or Refund. So, Be confirm About This matter Before Order.
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